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Cleveland Clinic

At Cleveland Clinic, our goal is to care for more patients in more ways than ever before. It’s an ambitious plan that involves caregivers at every level of our organization, all around the world. And it’s why we’re so focused on growing our Advanced Practice Providers (APP) team.

As the largest employer of APPs in Ohio, and one of the largest in the world, there’s a breadth of experiences and career paths here that you won’t find anywhere else. The Advanced Practice RNs (APRNs) and Physician’s Assistants (PAs) who comprise our team have the chance to explore specialties, units and roles that span all areas of our organization.

If you’re ready for the next challenge in your career, keep reading and see how we’re delivering what matters most to our APP caregivers.

Explore advanced practice careers

Cleveland Clinic has given me opportunities that other healthcare systems would not and could not provide. Through the support of Cleveland Clinic Innovations, I was able to invent a medical device that is being licensed by a major medical company. This has been one of the highlights of my career and a BLAST! – Jane H., NP

Our family of APP caregivers include:

  • Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs)
    Provide primary care for women, and assist patients with their gynecological care and through all phases of pregnancy.
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)
    Administer care for patients undergoing anesthesia, , and practice in every setting anesthesia is delivered.
  • Certified Nurse Specialists (CNSs)
    Experts in their nursing specialty, such as cardiac, geriatric and pediatric nursing, and work in teams across spheres of patients, nurses and systems.
  • Nurse Practitioners (NPs)
    Health care providers, who provide primary, specialty and acute care to patients of all ages and genders, with a focus on prevention, wellness and patient education. Common areas of NP specialization include acute care, family, adult/geriatrics, pediatric, neonatal, women’s health, and psychiatric/mental health.
  • Physician’s Assistants (PAs)
    Health care providers, who provide primary and specialty care to patients of all ages and genders. PAs practice in all medical and surgical areas of medicine and offer services such as: patient assessment and diagnosis, history and physicals, ordering and interpreting tests and procedures, prescribing medications, facilitating care, and patient education.

Charting your career as an APP.

As a part of our APP team, you’ll quickly find that the knowledge and training you have is simply a starting point that can open doors to new opportunities across our nearly 130 specialties and more than 100 subspecialties.
In fact, we actively encourage our APPs to consider all the different clinical areas and locations, domestic and international, throughout our organization, knowing that their plans for tomorrow are as varied as the experiences they’ve gained so far.
Simply put, we want to spark your passions — whether inpatient, outpatient, critical care, a specialty or even a leadership track — and provide the means for you to fulfill them. Of course, this means we‘ll ensure you’ll be supported by APP leadership who know to identify the destinations that matters most to you, and how to get you there.

The Cleveland Clinic is looking for their employees to be leaders of change, to impact positivity, to show our compassion and to teach what is new. – Teresa D., PA-C

Advance your APP career with those who’ve experienced it.

As one of the fastest-growing teams at Cleveland Clinic, we believe it’s important that our APP careers are developed and guided by leaders who have their own personal experiences in the roles. As a part of our APP family, you’ll find a structure that’s unique in the industry. Most of our APPs learn from, report to and are guided by APP leaders — those who will help identify your interests and goals, as well as plan for opportunities to change specialties or work settings. All within the Cleveland Clinic healthcare system.


APP Transition to Practice Program.

This learning and development program, created specifically for our newly employed APP caregivers, is designed to refine the skills and knowledge of both new graduates and experienced providers interested in changing specialty areas. We use blended, faculty-led learning methods to prepare caregivers to drive their careers forward and take on new challenges confidently. Organized by a range of learning modules from Didactics to Procedure Labs, this program is available in conjunction with our onboarding process, and available to all of our new full-time APP caregivers.

Cleveland Clinic has given me opportunities that have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally by making the education of their staff a top priority. Through continuing education seminars, annual conferences, journal clubs, and conducting research, Cleveland Clinic truly ‘educates those who serve’ – Jessica R., CRNA

More ways to learn and grow.

We think it’s important for our caregivers to develop their networks and build skills that go beyond their clinical roles as well. As a part of our APP family, you’ll also find opportunities to get involved in committees and projects that impact not only your department, but the entire organization.
For instance, our Office of Nursing Research and Innovation, led by one of our CNSs, is a chance to tap into and gain exposure to the variety of research underway at any given time. In 2021, our APRN Council began a new program that focuses on professional growth through four different pathways — research, leadership, quality and education. And our Office of PA Services provides additional opportunities for participating in committees, workshops, leadership and professional growth.

We've been recognized by Forbes/Statista as one of “America’s Best Employers, 2021.” Learn more about how we’re focused on what matters most.