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Cleveland Clinic is firmly committed to being the best place to practice medicine in the world."

- Herb Weidemann, MD, Chief of Staff

Physician-Led, Patient-Focused

Patients first: Cleveland Clinic is organized into patient-centered institutes that combine the medical, surgical and support functions for specific body systems and diseases. Our not-for-profit system hires physicians on salary and allows physicians to direct the most effective services and treatments — focusing on outcomes, rather than volume. At its core, being a physician-led organization means doing what is best for the patients, every day.

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Experience, Expertise, Empathy

Cleveland Clinic physicians treat more of the most complex patient conditions than any comparable medical center in America (according to CMS, the federal healthcare agency). They have unmatched experience in everything from the rarest diseases to the most common disorders. Cleveland Clinic caregivers are the best in the field, offering the highest quality care while recognizing the importance of the patient experience through special training in caring, communication and empathy.

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Cleveland Experience, Expertise, Empathy

Group Practice Model

We believe the best way to ensure our success is by eliminating barriers to sharing information and bringing our physicians and their wealth of knowledge together to create a shared resource and bring integrated healthcare to our patients.

Cleveland Main Campus Integrated approach

An Integrated Approach

Cleveland Clinic is a future-focused model for healthcare. It is not enough to react to our current reality, but rather we must continually invest in identifying macro trends and developing targeted solutions.

Cleveland Main Campus Core Values

Our Core Values

With patient care at the center of everything we do, we continually look for new, innovative ways to improve outcomes and experiences for our patients and their families.

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