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World Class Patient Care

Our pharmacy teams have long been a pillar of excellence for the Cleveland Clinic enterprise. The Pharmacy Department’s clinical services have been on the forefront of innovation as we collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to provide optimal patient care. As a complement to our clinical activities, we have adopted cutting edge technology and automation to enhance patient safety while creating operational efficiencies. We are proud of the rich history of the Pharmacy Services at Cleveland Clinic and our continued legacy of excellence.  

Innovated Pharmacy Practice

Using the latest technology allows our pharmacy caregivers to practice clinically at the highest level across the pharmacy enterprise. Pharmacy services expand across the lifetime of our patients to meet all of their needs from bedside care, provider offices, home delivery, home infusion and outpatient services. As a pharmacy caregiver at Cleveland Clinic, you will contribute to the advancement of patient care while receiving on-going professional development.

Our Pharmacy Department is fully equipped with the latest medication distribution and information systems, including:

  • Epic EMR - electronic medical record enabling seamless transition of care between prescriber and clinical team
  • Pyxis - automated dispensing cabinets
  • Pharmogistics/Carousel - inventory management software with barcode verification
  • PharmacyKeeper - electronic medication tracking and photo-based, medication workflow systems
  • PharmoPack/BlissPack - robotic medication packaging and repackaging

You’ll have endless opportunities to challenge yourself while expanding your knowledge at one of the nation’s leading healthcare systems.

Cleveland Main Campus Integrated approach

An Integrated Approach

Cleveland Clinic is a future-focused model for healthcare. It is not enough to react to our current reality, but rather we must continually invest in identifying macro trends and developing targeted solutions.

Cleveland Main Campus Core Values

Our Core Values

With patient care at the center of everything we do, we continually look for new, innovative ways to improve outcomes and experiences for our patients and their families.

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