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Nursing At Cleveland Clinic

There are nearly 22,000 nursing caregivers on staff to bring Cleveland Clinic-quality care to each and every patient. With a variety of job placement options, continuing education programs that include certification preparation, observation opportunities and our extensive benefits, Cleveland Clinic remains a leading nursing institution among the nation’s top healthcare systems.

Bringing Care Home

Offering home care services is just another way we give our patients a comprehensive experience centered on healing and support.

Partners in Care: Physician-Led Organization

Working in a physician-led system means collaborating with our nurses and support staff to do what’s best for the patient. Though many healthcare systems work for the patient, our team is only incentivized to deliver outstanding outcomes for our patients, not profits for our organization. Our nurses are equal partners in delivering that superior care to our patients and compassion to their families — and it is that commitment that makes Cleveland Clinic more than a hospital system.

The Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence

Because of our close partnerships with some of the top schools in the nation, we’re recruiting the best and the brightest to the Zielony Nursing Institute. We take pride in mentoring and developing new nursing professionals, challenging them early in their careers and offering student nurse employment options, educational rotations and self-directed learning formats, all in a fast-paced, technologically advanced environment.

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Vicki Rumpler Image

The patients are a huge inspiration - with everything they go through to get better, I admire them so much."

- Vicki Rumpler, MSN, RN-BC, Certified Nurse Practitioner, Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute


As one of the largest employers of advanced practice professionals in the nation, Cleveland Clinic brings together worldwide opportunity and the most advanced care. Challenge yourself in a fast-paced, quality-centric environment. An integrated, institutional model means you will work within a comprehensive team of physicians, nurses and support professionals organized around particular body systems or diseases.


From ambulatory services to administration and research, working closely together is the foundation of our integrated care model. Our commitment to providing a highly collaborative environment means developing teams of the highest quality to ensure every caregiver is equally supported in their role to deliver better care for our patients.

Nursing Students

The Stanley Shalom Zielony Nursing Institute hosts students from local and national universities. Every year since 2009, there have been over 7,000 nursing students who have taken on the challenge of participating in clinicals at our hospitals. Every day there are more than 1,200 nursing students who are committing themselves to learning best practices from the nation’s best caregivers across the entire Cleveland Clinic enterprise.

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