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Cleveland Our Investment in Advancing Care

Our Investment in Advancing Care

Our 138,000-square-foot facility gives access to leading laboratory technologies, including electron microscopy, one of the largest IHC menus in the country, and ePathology for precise diagnoses and communications with clinicians. Our medical technologists and laboratory technicians provide rapid turnaround, affordable testing and superior customer service 24/7. At Cleveland Clinic, investigation and discovery never end, so exciting career opportunities are always available.

Dan Schroeter

I take great pride in working for the Cleveland Clinic. The collaboration within the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Institute and our team’s dedication to our patients makes this a great place to work."

- Dena Allen, Preanalytics Administrator
Cleveland The Data Behind Care Delivery

The Data Behind Care Delivery

Behind the revolutionary treatments, therapies and inventive surgical techniques happening every day at Cleveland Clinic, there is a wealth of data holding the keys to unlock medical mysteries and to stop disease in its tracks. At the Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Institute, a community of motivated scientists and laboratory professionals are delving deeper into and garnering a better understanding of the biology that informs human health, down to the molecular level.

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Cleveland A Path to Diagnosis

A Path to Diagnosis

All of our pathology caregivers have an attention to detail and unparalleled dedication to excellence. Our examination and interpretation of anatomic pathology specimens is one of the foundations upon which Cleveland Clinic-quality care is built. We operate behind the scenes, but it is our work that provides the core of many critical diagnoses.

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Cleveland Main Campus Integrated approach

An Integrated Approach

Cleveland Clinic is a future-focused model for healthcare. It is not enough to react to our current reality, but rather we must continually invest in identifying macro trends and developing targeted solutions.

Cleveland Main Campus Core Values

Our Core Values

With patient care at the center of everything we do, we continually look for new, innovative ways to improve outcomes and experiences for our patients and their families.

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