Cleveland Nursing Cleveland Nursing


Cleveland Clinic’s nursing team is the system’s largest caregiver group. Our nurses are essential team members, whether they are found in leadership, advanced practice, research or education environments.

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Cleveland Research Cleveland Research


The greatest problem-solving minds work with more than 2,000 active trials and utilize federal and corporate grants to investigate new practices and medical findings.

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Cleveland Laboratory Cleveland Laboratory


Our team of nearly 100 pathologists and over 1,500 laboratory professionals deliver quality laboratory diagnostics, rapid turnaround and consultative services that are fundamental to patient care.

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Cleveland Physicians Cleveland Physicians


We are a physician-led group practice that runs hospitals, not a hospital that employs doctors. And our team of top physicians works collaboratively to take on the most complex cases, putting patients’ needs first and at the center of all care.

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Cleveland Pharmacy Cleveland Pharmacy


Our team of pharmacists proactively work quickly and accurately to fill medications and treatments to ensure patients get the care they need.

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Cleveland Quality Cleveland Quality


With a focus on innovation, our quality team helps maintain the safest environment and achieve the best outcomes for our patients through quality performance reports and continuous process improvements. We nurture a culture of safety and improvement.

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Cleveland Allied Health Cleveland Allied Health

allied health

With our integrated healthcare model, our allied health caregivers help deliver superior outcomes for our patients, every day. Explore our 100+ opportunities in the health science field.

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Cleveland Finance Cleveland Finance


Delivering a better experience through everything from billing to financial assistance, our finance team works with every patient’s situation to ensure accurate and timely resolution of any insurance or billing related issues.

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Cleveland Human resources Cleveland Human resources

Human resources

Providing support that strengthens our culture of excellence, human resources informs all caregivers of opportunities and benefits while playing a vital role in recruiting the world’s best caregivers. Human Resources partners with caregivers and managers on a daily basis to ensure that caregivers' experience is positive and engaging.

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Cleveland Advanced Practice Cleveland Advanced Practice

Advanced Practice

Employing the largest number of advanced practice professionals in the nation, our highly trained team provides the best possible care for millions of patients.

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  • Cleveland Information Technology Cleveland Information Technology

    Information Technology

    A seamless patient experience works thanks to IT. They work to maintain our essential medical technology infrastructure, software applications and data security systems, protecting and tracking all information important to facilitate the delivery of patient-focused care.

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  • Cleveland Student Opportunities Cleveland Student Opportunities

    Student Opportunities

    Undergraduate and graduate students eager to begin their careers in our renowned healthcare system can explore opportunities to learn more about what being a caregiver really means.

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  • Cleveland Administration Cleveland Administration


    Providing the foundation for the system’s business operations, our team helps all caregivers focus on their roles, while cultivating an encouraging environment for all employees to reach their full potential.

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  • Cleveland Customer Service Cleveland Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Serving as a central point of contact for all patient inquiries and billings, customer service plays an important role in making sure all patients are provided with the best care.

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  • Cleveland Marketing & Communications Cleveland Marketing & Communications

    Marketing & Communications

    Bringing our mission to the world, our marketing and communications team delivers our message of health and healing to our patients and caregivers.

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  • Cleveland Support Services Cleveland Support Services

    Support Services

    Support service caregivers play an essential role in creating an environment of excellence to ensure our patients receive Cleveland Clinic-quality service at every touch point.

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  • Cleveland Supply Chain Cleveland Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    From sourcing and contract negotiations to purchasing and materials management, our supply chain team provides resources that empower caregivers to perform at their absolute best for patients.

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  • Cleveland Corporate Affairs Cleveland Corporate Affairs

    Corporate Affairs

    Bringing our mission to and managing relationships with key stakeholders — including employees and investors, as well as the community, government and media — is important to our growth.

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  • Cleveland International Cleveland International


    Expanding our care offerings to the world, we’ve opened locations in Abu Dhabi and Toronto to operate as unparalleled extensions of our U.S.-based facilities and to uphold our highest standards of care on a global level.

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