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Diversity and Inclusion

At Cleveland Clinic, we are located in one of the most vibrant hubs of the Midwest, and we have stayed true to our down-to-earth values. However, our patients come from all over the country and all over the world—and so do our employees. We draw upon myriad skills, languages and perspectives in patient and peer interactions; our backgrounds from around the world are a key component of the world class care we can provide. DiversityInc., in fact, recognized us as one of the top 5 hospital systems in the nation for diversity, commending our strong employee resource groups as well. 

About Diversity and Inclusion

About Diversity and Inclusion

What defines our mission of diversity and inclusion? Learn more about all we’re doing in the area of diversity, from how we define it, to why it’s important, to what we’re doing to advance it. But in summary, because our patients and staff come from all around the world, providing world class care depends on our ability to connect with those of myriad backgrounds. Since diversity is an inherent part of our daily interactions, it plays a critical role in improving our daily work.


Our commitment in this area comes straight from the top. Read or watch a message from our CEO regarding the type of workplace we are trying to create at Cleveland Clinic, and his vision for the future of our hospital system. In Dr. Cosgrove’s words, “As our world becomes even more diverse, we are working to ensure that we continue to relate to our patients, communities and one another as productively as possible.” And that, in a sentence, is why diversity plays such a key role in the caliber of service we provide.    


The Office of Diversity & Inclusion co-sponsors a number of events through the year to celebrate the various communities that make up our workforce at Cleveland Clinic, including a minority men's health fair. See the list of events, and start filling in your calendar!

Resources For Caregivers

Resources For Caregivers

Cultural competency training, which takes place company-wide, enables us to better serve and relate to our increasingly diverse patient population and to each other.

Diversity Education Programs and Services
We have a number of educational programs designed to move each department forward in cultural competency. Among others, these include conflict resolution, skills training, dialogues, seminars, team-building, management techniques and more. Regardless of your background and level of experience, we have classes pertinent to you.


Employee Resource Groups
To catalyze change in the Cleveland Clinic culture, we have many groups, focused on a variety of issues. Our employee groups serve various cultural, ethnic, experience, gender and religious affiliations, so it’s easy to find the group for you.

Language Enrichment Programs
If you’re coming from overseas, or need to learn Spanish to work with Latino patients, these programs help Cleveland Clinic employees better communicate with patients and colleagues.

Resources For Students

Resources For Students

Our efforts toward diversity and inclusion aim to create a better environment for those of all education and experience levels, in addition to those of all cultural, geographic and religious backgrounds as well. Browse this area to learn more about the many programs designed to help you get the most from your Cleveland Clinic experience.


Opportunities Listings for Students: Find conferences, events, internships and more whether you’re in elementary school or graduate school.


Cleveland Clinic Solutions: A yearly think tank session for minority undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn about healthcare.


MD/PhD Project: A program with a high school, college and medical school component, designed to help increase the number of minority physicians and scientists.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity

Our dedication to diversity is comprehensive, extending not only to our patients and caregivers, but to our suppliers as well, because we understand that our impact on our communities can be multiplied beyond those with a staff ID or a patient file. We reach out especially to small businesses, and those owned by women and minorities.


According to Anthony Stallion, MD, Chief Community Relations and Diversity Officer, “Innovative programming, transparency in our process and progress and the support of our community partners not only helps us to achieve aggressive diversity goals, but also have a significant impact on economic development benefiting both Cleveland and Cleveland Clinic.”

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